Kelyas Kavir Architectural Group

Unique Architecture Dedicates Experience


We believe that innovation is the basic demand of a growing society and that architecture is the embodiment of development in every community.


Endurance is our ultimate desire and it will be achieved by a precise comprehension of “past”, a thorough knowledge of “today” and having an eye on the horizon.

Comprehensive Approach

We take a comprehensive view all through the design process. We try to take into account different factors hat all together.


We review our work every so often and this gives us the ability of being dynamic and creative in what we do.

Design with your client for your client

In Kelyas Kavir Architectural Group we offer services in the following 4 sections:

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

In Kelyas Kavir Architectural Group, we don’t select projects by their scale. We are prepared to design different types of buildings including: residential, office, commercial, industrial, cultural, educational, hotel, etc., in any scale.
We design projects based on their context, subject and environmental conditions.

Interior design

Interior design

Growing number of architectural projects, as well as rapid advances in technology, has resulted in emergence of numerous subcategories in architecture, such as Interior Design.
Kelyas Kavir Architectural Group considers Interior Design as a major discipline. This discipline requires not only alignment with Kelyas Kavir approaches, but also complying with related standards and regulations.

Product design

Product design

Our vocation in Kelyas Kavir Architectural Group is design. Kelyas Kavir entrance to the field of product design started from an invitation. We were invited to design a chair for an exhibition in which three generations of Iranian architects presented their designed chairs. By furtherence of this design, we decided to consider Product Design as another major discipline in Kelyas Kavir.
“Haft Orang” collection was the first collection of our product design, from which “Orang Chair” was presented at the mentioned exhibition.

Department of Engineering

Department of Engineering

Precise manufacturing along with architectural delicacies has always been our concern in Kelyas Kavir Architectural Group.
In the first decade of our work, we have undertaken the construction of many projects. This department is supported by our engineering expertise and knowledge of the process of construction and delivery. Time and quality management through collaboration with skilled personnel, benefiting from advanced equipment, and appropriate use of material are main principals in this department.

We aim to achieve architectural design suitable for Iranian lifestyle

Gerami and Associates Architectural Group was established in 1997. Our desire was achieving an architectural design suitable for Iranian life. Although most of our projects were based on individual effort, we tried to provide the necessary background for teamwork. This group has formed gradually and many qualified engineers, architects and designers have joined this group all through these years. In 2006 Kelyas Kavir Architectural Group was established as the first company dependent on Gerami Group in order to make the professional activities legally possible. After many years of work our design is appreciated by our clients and other architects. We are honored by many prestigious awards as well as trust from our clients. Our work is based in three principles: responsibilty, honesty and teamwork. We believe perfection in architecture is not achieved unless we follow these principles in our work.

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The aim of the kelyas kavir architectural group is production of high-quality architectural design and meticulous attention to executive detail and construction

Kelyas Kavir Architectural Group Workshops

We believe passing the experiences, and practical education for young generation are responsibilities of architecture offices. Perfection and dynamism in architecture won’t be achieved unless we pass our experiences to the next generation of architects and train potential human resources. Therefore, employing young and talented people, even inexperienced, is essential for the evolution of architecture offices. Considering this, Kelyas Kavir Architectural Group attracts talented individuals by holding training workshops. Through these workshops, we get to know talented young people whome we can collaborate with, in upcoming projects.

In Kelyas Kavir workshops talented architecture graduates are identified, selected and employed. Also a listof evaluated graduates is provided, so we can introduce them to other offices.